Located on 13 acres in Hudson, Massachusetts, our fully automated production line is streamlined to deliver large and small quantities of bulk and bagged ice melt and other landscape products cost effectively and quickly. We carefully process our own high-quality products:

Ice melt
Rock salt
Decorative stone (bags only)
Masonry products (bags only)

Our wholesale ice melt and landscape materials are then sold in bulk or bagged in our fully automated packaging equipment, where it is checked for quality. Use of our own New England products such as ice melt from Massachusetts, lowers costs and delivery times.

We are the sole manufacturer and distributor of Cutting Edge® Brand Products. Andrew Blank, proud American and founder of Blank Industries™, has been involved in various aspects of the landscape materials and ice control industry for over two decades. Blank Industries™ became a vision for Andrew because he saw a need in the industry for a local four-season landscape manufacturer and bagger in Massachusetts. He brought his diverse knowledge to this industry.

Blank Industries™ defines quality in manufacturing, packaging, and customer service. Our streamlined production, high-quality materials and four-season product line are what set us apart from start to finish. Contact us today to see what makes us different from other ice melt manufacturers and rock salt manufacturers.