Private labeling ice melt is easy and affordable for any size business with Blank Industries™.  By partnering with us, private label becomes a realistic, cost effective option for all business sizes as we introduce our “Pay as you Grow” plan with batch release orders!  We take the guess work out of it and work with you throughout the entire process, from bag creation to deployment planning so you won’t be left with truckloads of unsold ice melt at the end of the season.  We at Blank Industries™ have eliminated the huge upfront cost and large commitment, which is typically required when starting your own private label.  We don’t work like other companies, that require you to have the knowledge, huge set-up fees and that leave you with truckloads of unsold, unusable ice melt at the end of the season. We take care of it all for you.

Follow the steps below to get started with building your own brand.

  1. Conversation

    • Blank Industries™ has changed the way private labeling ice melt works so that it is easy and affordable for all business sizes.  We begin with a discussion about your business needs, so that we know and can assure that we are fulfilling your expectations at every step of the way.  We discuss the quantity you estimate you will need for the season, as well as how many trucks of ice melt you will want in each batch release. Whether it’s 5, 10, 20, or 50 trucks at a time, each batch release is all you are responsible for at season’s end, not your entire forecasted amount for the year.  We also explain that we will hold your truckload of product until you are ready to pick up or have it shipped to you.  We discuss what elements you want in your customized ice melt blend and use our patent-pending Breakthrough Infusion Technology™ to manufacture your product.  It’s all possible when you work with Blank Industries™!
  2. Design

    • We can assist you in selecting a name for your product, as well as a full-color, beautiful bag design that reflects your business’ brand image. We can advise you on best practices and marketing techniques in bag design to effectively sell your premium ice melt.  You are also given the rights to use the Breakthrough Infusion Technology™ logo that proves your ice melt as an unmatched, superior ice melt.  The end result is a bag design that markets your company brand while selling  a premium ice melt manufactured with Breakthrough Infusion Technology™.
  3. Film

    • Once the bag design is finalized, there is a 4-6 week turnaround time to have your fully printed, custom branded bag film.  Our bags are ultra high quality and UV protected, that shield contents  from damage, so that they are designed to last year to year.  We will hold your remaining film for fullfilment of your next batch release.  Bag film is a great value and although we hold it for you, it is owned by you.
  4. Quality Control

    • Quality is our number one goal in our production of your private label.  We run an in-house test production to ensure your satisfaction.  We stand behind our product, because we know that when your name is on it, it has to have the highest in customer satisfaction.
  5. Production

    • Then just send us a purchase order each time you want to submit a batch release.  We schedule your production and hold your pallets until you are ready to pick them up or have them shipped to you.  Payment terms are only for the trucks you pick up, and at season’s end, you are only responsible to pay for the current batch order.  It’s that easy!

If you thought private labeling wasn’t possible for your business, think again.  With Blank Industries™, we make it possible while suiting all your business needs.  Our success relies on our customer’s success and you will find that at every step of the way, we accompany you on the path to increased sales and greater profit.  Call us today to discuss how private labeling ice melt can help your business to grow your visibilty!