As the snow and winter temperatures begin to subside it is finally time to re-stock your shelves. While you may have been selling tools like ice scrapers, snow shovels, and Cutting Edge® Ice Melt products for the last couple of months, it is finally time to start transitioning into wholesale landscaping supply sales.

In the greater New England area, more particularly Hudson where Blank Industries, LLC is located, there is an annoying task that homeowners have to look forward to in the coming weeks — and it is important that your business is ready to provide them with the tools that they will need in order to do so. Of course, we are speaking of landscaping supplies like mulch, sand, and decorative stone.

But Why Will People Need Landscaping Products?

It is no secret among locals here in New England that our harsh winters can take a toll on our landscaping. Mulch becomes discolored, melting snow washes sand away, and existing garden beds become overwhelmed with dead plant matter. So people will be looking for landscaping products come springtime. The real question though is… will your business have them in stock?

As a manufacturer of wholesale landscaping products, we sell bagged product by the pallet to businesses just like yours. If you want to have Cutting Edge® landscaping products on your shelves come springtime, we urge you to place an order with us today.

But What Products Do We Offer?

At Blank Industries, LLC we manufacture a number of items all under the branding Cutting Edge® — because that is exactly what our landscaping supplies are. Below, we have broken down a short list of the products that we offer in wholesale quantities to New England-area stores.

Wholesale Mulch for Sale In New England

Cutting Edge® Wholesale Mulch is created here in Hudson, MA out of the highest quality organic materials. Whether you are looking for a product that is used purely for aesthetic reasons, or a product that is meant to functionally reduce and mitigate erosion, our product is perfect for your shelves. Additionally, our wholesale mulch comes in two colors — black and brown.

Wholesale Topsoil For Sale In New England

Are you looking to provide your customers with wholesale topsoil and compost so they can grow healthy lawns and gardens? Well, at Blank Industries, we manufacture Cutting Edge® Wholesale Topsoil and Cutting Edge® Compost as well — allowing you to provide your customers with the ideal tool for a beautiful and healthy yard.

Wholesale Decorative Stones For Sale In New England

When people look to step up their landscaping game the first thing that they think of is decorative stones. Cutting Edge® Wholesale Decorative Stones are the perfect tool for any homeowner that is looking to take the next step in landscaping. But will you have them in stock?

Wholesale Sand For Sale In New England

Summertime is for patios, and patios need sand and stone dust to be built correctly. At Blank Industries, LLC, we manufacture bagged sand and stone dust so your customers can rest easy knowing that they are building their patio or stone path correctly.

Become A Dealer Of Our Wholesale Landscaping Supplies

Are you already a dealer of our wholesale landscaping supplies? Great, place an order today! Are you not a dealer of Cutting Edge® products? Don’t fret, click here to apply day!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

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