At Blank Industries™, not only do we strive to create the best ice melt, we believe we have done it.  We think you would agree with us that Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt + is the best ice melt of the 2019-2020 winter season.  The industry is excited about the exclusive patent pending technology called Breakthrough Infusion Technology™ . This process extends the effectiveness and life of the ice melt after it is applied.

Here are the benefits:

Infused Throughout

Ice melt is typically coated with additional melting properties to theoretically add benefits to the salt crystal. However, when the coating flakes or melts off,  you’re left with  only sodium chloride, which is corrosive and less effective in rapidly melting snow and ice, especially at low temperatures.  Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt + is manufactured with patent-pending Breakthrough Infusion Technology™, creating a fully infused crystal that has all of the melting benefits throughout. In effect, this means that the ice melt and all of it’s beneficial properties, remain within your ice melt during the full melting process. This unique ice melt cannot be found from any other manufacturer.

Low Melting Temp

Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt + can melt even at low temperatures.  On those days when temps are in the negatives, you don’t want to mess around with an ice melt product that doesn’t perform!  You need something that works fast to prevent slips and falls when the surfaces  are slick.

Safer for People, Property and Pets

Ice melt is often harmful to pets and property due to its high corrosion content.  Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt + is a non-magnesium product with a corrosion inhibitor that has been formulated  to be less corrosive and to be a pet-safer ice melt solution. Our corrosion inhibitor does not wash away.  The benefit of Breakthrough Infusion Technology™ is that the corrosion inhibitor is infused to last throughout the existence of the ice melt.

Easy to Use in a Spreader

Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt+ is manufactured with crystals that are appropiate for use in a spreader.   It is also formulated with a non-caking agent to reduce clumping and allow for easy dispersion.  And Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt + can be used year after year because it has a much longer shelf life, when stored properly.

Color Indicator

Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt + has a highly visible green color indicator so you can easily see where and how much you have applied, however it is non-tracking, so you won’t find our ice melt sticking to your shoes and getting tracked into your home or office.

Local to New England

Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt + was designed specifically for the harsh Northern climate by a local Massachusetts business.  The relationship, convenience and low freight costs that come with using a local business are undeniable.


When it comes to value, Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt + can’t be beat!  As a premium ice melt with so many features, we think you won’t find a better product at a better price.

At Blank Industries™, we strive to understand and meet your needs and to consistently provide you with premium quality at a low price.  With Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt +, you’re not only getting an exceptional ice melt, we also think you’re getting the best ice melt in the 2019/2020 season, and long after. If you haven’t tried our ice melt with Breakthrough Infusion Technology™, give it a try and we think you’ll agree that Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt + is the best ice melt for 2019-2020.