Brought to you by Blank Industries™

When it comes to selling seasonal products, the key is to maximize each sale, which is easy to do when thought and planned out effectively.  Below are the top six ways to maximize your ice melt winter sales.

1. Offer an Upsell with Each Sale

Customers already in need of one of your items will often want complementary products that you sell. For example, customers buying a bag of Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt + ice melt might be interested in purchasing a spreader to disperse product more evenly and make the application process easier.  A snow shovel or pair of warm winter gloves could also appeal to them.

2. Bundle Products Together

Grouping complementary products into a money-saving bundle entices customers to spend more because they will save money. Customers purchasing additional items that work in tandem, even in bundles, with the product they walked in to buy creates an upsell.

3. Store display

It is estimated that seventy percent of purchasing decisions are made instoreEffective displays and product placement can remind customers that although they walked in for one item, they also need or want another. Blank Industries™ offers marketing material to our distributors to help sell their inventory.

4. Customer Service

Nowadays, customer service can set your business apart from that of your competitors.  Happy customers will return because they know they will be treated well and may be more open to suggestions from staff for certain products.

5. Go Online

Consumer spending is moving online.  Updating your website with photographs of your products, creating a social media presence and establishing search engine marketing to promote your products can make it easy for the customer to not only find you, but purchase from you. Have you considered offering a shipping or delivery service to make buying your products as convenient as possible?

6. Consider Your End of Season Options

As the end of the season nears, you’ll need to decide whether to retain product for the following season or to put it on clearance. Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt + ice melt from Blank Industries™ is packaged in unique UV, water-resistant and non-slip packaging to help with outside storage; you won’t need to worry about offloading your ice melt prior to the end of the season! Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt + ice melt is also formulated with an anti-caking agent, which means it won’t turn into a 50lb paperweight if it’s stored for the summer season. Bonusyou will have ice melt for those surprise April snowstorms, when your competitors don’t!

With these tricks, and by partnering with Blank Industries™, you can have the best winter sales yet! Contact us at 855-887-3123 or email to become a distributor. We pride ourselves on our product quality, reliability, affordability and customer service, so you know you’ll get the best when you partner with Blank Industries™!