With some simple and easy tips, you can keep your retail space relevant.  Achieve higher sales by being the customers’ “Go-To” store, ESPECIALLY now, as they gear up for winter.

Point of Purchase displays have tremendous advantages, and placing an ice melt display strategically during the Winter season is extremely profitable. Pro PowerMelt + can be staged inside or outside, wherever you have more space. Shelf displays entice customers to make a spur of the moment purchase, and in the case of ice melt, customers know they’re going to need it, and soon!  Not only that, but shelf displays allow you to place products side by side that customers may also need for convenience and upselling.  For example, customers buying ice melt might also need a snow shovel, a spreader, or gloves, which can all be placed on the same display.  Shelf displays can also entice customers to buy your higher end products or your most profitable products, because of its visual appeal and convenience.  If your shelf display is in view from the register, customers won’t price shop for an item they need and have to get out of line.  And recent studies show that customers are willing to pay up to 50% more for products if they are displayed on well-designed fixtures.

Yet another advantage of shelf displays is that you can target impulse buyers – customers may not come into your store for ice melt, but seeing it will remind them that they should be stocking up!

To make your shelf displays most successful, use these top tips in setting up your ice melt shelf display:

  • Catch the customer’s eye – Using high-quality, attractive ice melt packaging that is colorful and attention-grabbing, like Pro PowerMelt +, will ensure that the customers’ eye is drawn to the display
  • Keep it simple – the large bag of Pro PowerMelt + at eye or knee level and a couple of your top-selling shovels, spreaders or gloves will prevent a confusing, cluttered display
  • Promote products – Choose products that are your best sellers to keep customers happy and buying

With a little rearranging in your store and these simple tips, you’ll find that your ice melt is flying off the shelves!