The key to growth in a business is improving the bottom line, which is often a difficult task to do. Working with Blank Industries™ allows you to drastically improve your bottom line because we have the key fundamentals to help!

Premium Products
Blank Industries™ products are premium quality and held to the highest of standards. Patent pending Breakthrough Infusion Technology™, only available at Blank Industries™, creates an infused ice melt product that can be more effective and longer lasting. We don’t force MSRP’s, which means you can price your product wherever you see fit.

Lower Cost
Blank Industries™ can provide ice melting products for an incredibly low cost by using locally sourced materials. The manufacturing, bag and palletize its proprietary products all right in Hudson, MA, resulting in the lowest cost top-quality ice melt. A lower price means a greater profit for your business.

Repeat Purchasers
Building trust with customers can be hard to do, but with the high quality and unique aspect of infused products, customers will be buying from you again and again.

Low Freight
Freight costs can add an extreme amount to your product costs. A facility at a central location makes it easier to pick up your order. If you prefer to ship your product, Blank Industries™ partners with many logistic companies and can offer low pricing on freight.

Always Having Stock
Finally, it is important to have product every time your customers need it. Blank Industries™ provides weather alerts, so that you can easily restock your ice melt product before or after any storm!

Using these 5 key fundamentals, and partnering with Blank Industries™, can help your business improve its’ bottom line. If you haven’t already, contact us today!