1. The Advantages Of Using Decorative Stone In Your Landscaping

    When people think of decorative stone, they tend to think of the bright tempered glass pieces that are most often used to bring color to the inside of a vase. While yes, glass and stone are relatively similar in the sense that they are both made from compacted minerals and compounds, real decorative…Read More

  2. An Introduction To Cutting Edge® Wholesale Landscaping Materials

    As the snow and winter temperatures begin to subside it is finally time to re-stock your shelves. While you may have been selling tools like ice scrapers, snow shovels, and Cutting Edge® Ice Melt products for the last couple of months, it is finally time to start transitioning into wholesale landsc…Read More

  3. How To Market Mulch To Your Customers

    As spring approaches us it is time to start thinking about the sale of landscaping materials. As a store that sells landscaping materials in New England, you are likely gearing up your marketing for the garden and landscaping materials that you intend on selling this spring and summer. At Blank Indu…Read More

  4. Blank Industries — Keeping Sidewalks Safe This Holiday Season

    As an Ice melt supplier, we know a thing or two about keeping sidewalks, driveways, and roadways safe. In fact, that is exactly why we manufacture our wholesale landscaping materials like rock salt and ice melt. As a retailer that sells ice melt, you too understand the value of ice melt products, as…Read More

  5. The Benefits Of Buying Bulk Rock Salt

    Buying in bulk has become such a cliche thing since companies like Costco and Sam’s Club have become popular. You used to buy 20 rolls of toilet paper at a time, but now you buy closer to 60. You used to buy beer in a 12-pack, but at stores like Costco, your smallest choice is a 24-pack. But why h…Read More

  6. How To Store Your Cutting Edge®️ Ice Melt Products

    At Blank Industries, LLC, we are ice melt suppliers to the New England area. Our ice melt and rock salt products are manufactured with the intent to make roadways, driveways, sidewalks, and steps safer in the winter by reducing the fall risk of the user. As a dealer of our ice melt products, or even…Read More

  7. Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Rock Salt

    When it comes to buying products like ice melt, there is no doubt that your customers spend their time researching products before deciding on a single brand of rock salt to purchase. Why? Well, when a homeowner buys a 50-pound bag or rock salt, they do so knowing that it will likely last them over …Read More