Private labeling is an excellent way to grow your business, but many small businesses don’t think of it as an option. It can be not only affordable, but extremely profitable. When private labeling with Blank Industries, the cost works out to little more than ordering the name brand product and may be less than you’re paying for product with your current manufacturer. If you are typically selling 5 truckloads in a season, you can private label. No need to take it all at one time either, we’ll hold it for you until you need it. Here’s why you should consider private labeling:

  1. It Differentiates Your Company

Private labeling gives you complete control over the products you sell, and helps to differentiate your business from any other large retailer. Private labeling has also been shown to increase customer loyalty and repeat business, because even the exact same product in a privately labeled bag can change consumers’ perception of the product. Private labeling gets your customers used to a product that only you can provide, which prevents the competition from taking your business with a simple sale or promotion. Beyond that, retailers can raise prices on their core brands without worry of losing their price-sensitive customers, who will move to the lower priced private labeled product, meaning that price hikes no longer mean lost revenue.


  1. Consumers Love Private Labels

Private labeling has grown in popularity and is now growing faster than national brands today. Statistics estimate that 98% of consumers purchase at least one type of private label, and they feel smarter and that they get a better value than from national brands. Retailers typically receive a higher profit margin from their own privately labeled product as well.


  1. It Helps Build A Relationship

In private labeling, you are building a relationship with each customer, and giving them a reason to choose you each and every time they want to buy the products you sell. With your name and logo on the products they use, your business will stay on the top of their mind, delivering a quality and service that they expect from your business.


  1. It Legitimizes Your Business

Regardless of company size, a private label gives the appearance of an established, stable company. Not only that, but it also makes your business look like an expert in the industry, because of your ability to offer your own product that is either lower cost than the competition, higher quality or both.


  1. It Gives You Complete Control

Being able to choose the name, design and placement of the product in your store gives you the ability to have complete control over the look and feel of the product to make it fit in line with you business. It allows consumers to take a part of your brand home with them.


Start Today!

Private labeling is easy to do with Blank Industries and a private label has so many advantages that every retailer should consider doing it. With Blank Industries, it is much more affordable than you think. Below are some questions we typically get about private labeling.


What is the Upfront Cost?

The only upfront costs to pay with Blank Industries are for the bags and plates, which you can use for future orders. The profits you can receive from your own private label will make you wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner.


What If I Need Artwork?

Blank Industries can definitely help you with bag design and artwork if needed, to guarantee that you are happy with your bags.


I Can’t Order Large Quantities

No need to place a huge order, we’ll process what you want now and hold onto your bag stock for the next time you order.


Is It Too Late to Get Ice Melt for this Winter Season?

No, we are taking orders today for private labeling ice melt.


How Do I Get Started?

The Harvard Business Review recommends that retailers looking for premium private labeling seek manufacturers with a proven expertise in product development and a sophisticated production process. Blank Industries is no stranger to either of these categories. Since 2012, Blank Industries has developed specialized, affordable, top-quality landscaping and ice melt products; building it’s own fully automated, state-of-the-art packaging line to become the manufacturer that it is today. Blank Industries accepts small quantity orders so that you can start small and build as your business grows. They are currently processing orders for private labeled ice melt, so call us today to find out more info!