For businesses that sell seasonal items, it can be tricky to know how to best be prepared. Below are our top tips to set your business up for success this winter season.

  1. Sign up for weather alerts

One problem with the winter weather is that it can catch you off guard. When you sign up for our Blank Industries Winter Weather Alerts, not only will you get a weekly weather forecast during the winter season, but you’ll also get notified when a storm is approaching, so you’ll never be caught off guard. You can also follow Blank Industries on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, to see the updates as well.

  1. Set up your customer profile

According to our most recent winter weather outlook, this upcoming snow season will come in quickly and hard. The last thing you want is to be setting up an account in a rush, trying to beat the storm.  Request your onboarding docs now to pre-empt that step at crunch time. Once you are set up, you will enjoy benefits such as priority shipments, rapid turn around, and exceptional customer service.

  1. Place your ice melt order ASAP

Speaking of orders, the best time to place your ice melt order is now. Blank Industries offers flexible early buy pricing programs, so that you can set up a payment program that best meets your needs. But our early buy program is ending soon, so call today to get the best pricing around!

  1. Get staff trained

Blank Industries can help with staff training at no cost to you!  When the snow hits, customers want to know about the benefits of ice melt. It’s important to train your staff so that they know the answers and can assist any of your customers with their purchase. Contact our customer support to discuss selecting an appointment time for your staff training.  Don’t delay, spaces are filling up quickly!

  1. Request custom cut sheets

Last but not least, your customers might want product information sheets and what better way than to provide them with that info while promoting your business at the same time. Blank Industries can provide you customized marketing materials at no cost to you, promoting your business with the information your customers need. Send us your logo and speak to our staff today to find out how we can help you get the marketing materials you want.

With these tips, your business will be ahead of the game and your customers will know you as the place to go for their winter supplies.