People tend to think of ice melt with either price or quality in mind.  But in reality, the best ice melt in 2022 provides much more than that.  Here are our findings of what makes the best ice melt in 2022.


  1. High performance for the greatest value
  2. Manufactured with Breakthrough Infusion Technology™
  3. One product that solves all your needs
  4. Perfect for businesses that sell ice melt
  5. Quality, reliability, affordability and customer service

Now, let’s break down what elements are needed for the best ice melt today.

The best ice melt provides high performance for the greatest value.  Ice melt manufactured with Breakthrough Infusion Technology™ offers the highest level of quality, with the value and affordability you seek.  Ice melt blends are commonly coated with additives which wash off after application, reducing the long-term effects, results and longevity.  With Breakthrough Infusion Technology™, ice melt is manufactured with the ice melting properties encapsulated inside the sodium chloride crystal, where they perform and remain for the extended life of the crystal.  This can create a more effective, fast acting, longer lasting, consistently performing safety product that you and your customers love, while reducing your costs.

This also reduces the need for multiple SKUs. Rather than being forced to choose either a pet-friendly or a fast-working ice melt, the best ice melts are a single product that can solve all your customers’ various needs. This means the ability to choose one product that solves all your customers’ various needs that includes an ice melt that is fast acting, long lasting and consistently performing, while also being safer for people, property and pets.

What does this mean for a business that sells ice melt? This means your customers are satisfied, because the ice melt you sell is manufactured with them in mind.  This also means the ability to reduce the SKUs in your inventory, replacing them with one product that appeals to all end users.  Reduce your excess inventory without worry of losing a sale! Ice Melt with Breakthrough Infusion Technology™ matches or outperforms far more costly ice melt products – the melting speed and power comparable or better than Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride even in extreme temperatures,  combined with the benefits of a blend: protection and safety components like high-visibility color, anti-caking, anti-corrosion agent, and Potassium Chloride. The best ice melt also has an indefinite shelf life, packaged in high-quality, non-slip packaging, UV protected bags.

So what can you get from the best ice melt in 2022? It means you get the quality, reliability and affordability you seek, along with the top customer service to support you. Contact Blank Industries today to find out more about Breakthrough Infusion Technology™ and to find out where you can buy the best ice melt in 2022!