As an Ice melt supplier, we know a thing or two about keeping sidewalks, driveways, and roadways safe. In fact, that is exactly why we manufacture our wholesale landscaping materials like rock salt and ice melt.

As a retailer that sells ice melt, you too understand the value of ice melt products, as you have taken it upon yourself to become a dealer of Cutting Edge®️ products so that you can sell ice melt in your town. But why is ice melt important over the holiday season?

It Keeps People Jolly

When you have family and friends offer for holiday festivities, it will really dampen the festive mood when one, or more, people slip while trying to make their way from their cars to your home. The best way to avoid having the mood of your party change quickly is to take away the possibility of people falling in the first place. By spreading Cutting Edge®️ Ice Melt or Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt on the high-traffic areas like the sidewalk, driveways, steps, and porch of your New England area home, you can ensure that all of your guests make it to your doorstep with a smile still on their face.

It Protects Your Business

You might be wondering, “How could ice melt and rock salt help to protect my business?” While yes, conceptually it is a little difficult to understand at first, being that your business can’t slip on ice and all, ice melt and rock salt products can protect your business in more of a legal sense.

A good point to market to your clients is that they could be liable if someone slips and falls outside of their business — meaning that spending a little bit of money on some ice melt or bulk rock salt for sale can end up saving you from a lawsuit later on!

It Prevents Further Buildup Of Ice And Snow

When you live in a place like New England, winters can be long and weather can be constant — meaning that if you do not stay on top of your ice removal and ice mitigation, that ice can pile up fast. Just as snow will continue to pile up in your driveway unless you shovel often, ice can build up too. And trust us when we say it is easier to get rid of a small frosting of ice than it is to remove multiple inches of ice.  So save yourself some time by sprinkling some Cutting Edge®️ Ice Melt or Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt every so often!

If You Need Ice Melt Or Rock Salt, Think Blank Industries

So we have already established that ice melt and rock salt are a necessary remedy for cold winter months and ice buildup, but it can get rather expensive if you are buying it in bulk, right? Wrong! When you shop for wholesale ice melt and bagged rock salt from Blank Industries, LLC, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the best product for the best prices.

But we aren’t just around in the winter months! We manufacture and sell a wide variety of wholesale landscaping materials that your business could stand to benefit from selling. Check out all of our products today!

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