When people think of decorative stone, they tend to think of the bright tempered glass pieces that are most often used to bring color to the inside of a vase. While yes, glass and stone are relatively similar in the sense that they are both made from compacted minerals and compounds, real decorative stone more closely resembles actual rocks and gravel.

At Blank Industries, LLC, we offer a variety of wholesale landscaping products like landscaping stones to New England area businesses so that they can provide their customers with the tools that they need to get their spring landscaping projects done.

In today’s blog, we will be discussing the three major benefits that your customers might expect to see from the use of our Cutting Edge® Brand Products.

Why Use Cutting Edge® Decorative Rocks?

While most people tend to think that decorative rocks only serve aesthetic purposes, they can actually have alternative benefits to your yard and the areas around it. Below, we have listed the three most important impacts that decorative gravel makes.

Natural Advantages

Sure, you might be looking into placing an order of decorative stone in bulk so that you can give your customers the ability to spruce up their gardens this spring, but decorative stone can also benefit landscaping projects in a more natural way. Decorative stone, when used to replace an area of the landscaping that once required watering, can be an excellent way to cut back on water bills — a process known as xeriscaping. Additionally, stones have a higher heat transfer than dirt or mulch, meaning that decorative stones can be used in the floors of greenhouses to retain heat overnight.

So whether your customers are looking for decorative stones as an aesthetic landscaping material or as a practical solution, rest easy knowing that Cutting Edge® Decorative Rocks can get the job done. Place an order today!

Color Variation

So we know that wholesale decorative stones are an excellent way to make our yards more efficient, but most people don’t want the same colors or shapes of decorative stone in their yard. This is why we offer a variety of different colors and shapes. At Blank Industries, we manufacture wholesale decorative stone in a variety of different shapes and sizes ranging from our fine multi-colored Cutting Edge® Hazelnut Stone to our larger Cutting Edge® River Rock.

As a business, it is your job to provide your customers with high-quality landscaping material options. All people have different tastes or visions for their landscaping projects, and providing your customers with different stone color and size variations can help give them what they want.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Arguably one of the largest benefits of decorative stone use is not the aesthetic or the natural value that the landscaping material has. Instead, we would argue that it is the ease of installing and maintaining the stone once you have chosen to use it. Below, we have briefly outlined the installation process so that you can get a better idea of how easy it is to incorporate stone in your yard.

  1. Excavate – The first step of the decorative landscaping stone installation process is to dig out the area that you want the stone to lay. The depth needed will vary, but 1½ to 3 inches should suffice.
  2. Level – Next, the area that has been excavated should be raked until flat and then packed down with a tamper, or by foot.
  3. Lay Fabric – Using decorative landscaping stones is a great way to decorate your yard, but none of that will matter if weeds are constantly growing out of the stone. To avoid this, apply a weed fabric to the soil.
  4. Spread Gravel – Once all of the above has been completed, the decorative stone can be applied. Blank industries Cutting Edge® products come in bags that can cover 0.5 CU FT to make the application process easier.

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