As summer draws to an end it is likely that everyone in New England has begun to shift their thoughts to the upcoming winter — and the large amounts of snow and ice that come with it. Not only can snow removal and mitigation services be costly, but they can also be futile. If you are looking for some ways to keep your home or business clear of snow and ice, be sure to continue reading today’s blog post.

To put a little twist on things, we are also going to discuss some eco-friendlier snow removal methods. Why are we going to talk about environmentally friendly snow and ice removal methods? To put it simply, we care. Here at Blank Industries, LLC, we care for the environment — and that is apart of the reason why our Cutting Edge®️ Wholesale Ice Melt was specially designed to be less damaging to the environment, and safer around children and pets. Continue reading to learn a few eco-friendlier snow removal methods.

The Old Fashioned Way: A Shovel And Some Grit

If you have ever shoveled a driveway or a sidewalk in New England, you likely know that it is not an incredibly easy feat to accomplish, as snow here is extremely wet, meaning it falls heavy and freezes hard. The consistency of our snow also means that if it is snowing hard at night, you might want to shovel the yard before bed so that it does not turn to ice in the morning. So if you are down with a good old-fashioned arm workout, break the shovel out of the shed.

Use Electrically-Powered Equipment

If a little bit of hard work and arm strength doesn’t sound fun to you, there are still ways that you can be eco-friendlier. Push that gas-guzzling snow blower to the back of the shed and replace it with an electric blower. Not only will the electric blower do just as good of a job while emitting no pollutants, but it will also last longer than a traditional gas blower.

Pay The Neighborhood Kids

In New England, there are two seasons. The season where kids come to your store to ask if they can mow your lawn for money, and the season where kids ask if they can shovel your driveway. All we are saying is that you could indulge them! Not only will you spend less than you would to fill your gas blower, but you are also helping your neighborhood kids make a quick dollar!

Use Eco-friendlier Wholesale Ice Melt From Blank Industries

If you need to melt ice or prevent the accumulation of snow, there is no better way than to apply a thin coat of Cutting Edge®️ Wholesale Ice Melt. Our ice melt is designed to be both less damaging to the environment, as well as safer for your family.

If you are a bulk ice melt supplier, it is your responsibility to provide the people of New England with the highest quality of landscaping materials. If you are not already a dealer of Cutting Edge®️ Wholesale Ice Melt, it is not too late. Become a dealer today by clicking here, or by contacting us. We look forward to becoming your next ice melt manufacturer and helping you to provide high-quality ice melt to New England.

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