How To Market Wholesale Ice Melt In Your Store

As a store that sells ice melt here in New England, you likely don’t have to try very hard to market your product — after all, when it snows and walkways become slippery, people will come searching for your product. That being said, people don’t have to come to your store to buy ice melt. Because most stores in the area ranging from hardware stores to grocery stores sell ice melt in your area, you have to market to customers why your ice melt is better than other stores’ ice melt.

Luckily, you sell Cutting Edge®️ Wholesale Ice Melt from Blank Industries, LLC — so you are already ahead of the competition. In today’s blog, we are going to be discussing a few of the ways that you can market our Cutting Edge®️ Wholesale Ice Melt. Are you not a dealer of Cutting Edge®️ products yet? Become a dealer of our wholesale landscaping products today!

It Works Better Than Rock Salt

While yes, we do also carry rock salt, and we aren’t trying to say that products like our Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt aren’t effective, but wholesale ice melt is simply more reliable than bulk rock salt is. Why is this? Well, due to the chemical nature of ice melt, it can melt ice at lower temperatures than rock salt can — making it a more reliable choice for those cold New England winters that we get here in the Hudson, Massachusetts area. To learn more about the differences between ice melt and rock salt, as well as the benefits of each in more depth, click here.

It Has A Long Shelf Life

While as a dealer of Cutting Edge®️ Wholesale Ice Melt you probably think that you are more concerned about the ice melts shelf life than your customers, you aren’t alone! Consumers of ice melt products, especially residential homeowners, might feel like a 50LB bag of ice melt might not get used fast enough before it loses some of its effectiveness (as some other brands do). Luckily, at Blank Industries we package our ice melt in UV and water-resistant bags, allowing the customer to store the ice melt wherever they want, for longer, without it losing its effectiveness.

It’s Safe

Ice melt? Now how can ice melt be safe? Well, to be honest, ice melt will never be safe, but it can be safer — and that is exactly what our Cutting Edge®️ Wholesale Ice Melt is. We have designed our bulk ice melt to be safer for both people and pets so that there is less worry involved when you apply ice melt outside of your home or business. Additionally, our wholesale ice melt product has been designed to be safer for plants, and less corrosive to concrete — because after all, ice melt was designed to be a solution, not a problem.

Make An Order Of Cutting Edge®️ Wholesale Ice Melt Today!

With the start of November comes the promise of snow in the coming months, meaning that if you haven’t yet ordered wholesale ice melt to sell this winter, now is the time! Be sure to order Cutting Edge®️ Wholesale Ice Melt from us this winter because hey — it practically markets itself. Contact us today if you have any questions about our products or how you can become a dealer.

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