At Blank Industries, LLC, we are ice melt suppliers to the New England area. Our ice melt and rock salt products are manufactured with the intent to make roadways, driveways, sidewalks, and steps safer in the winter by reducing the fall risk of the user. As a dealer of our ice melt products, or even as a prospective dealer of our ice melt products, we see it necessary that you be able to provide your customers with instruction as to how they should store rock salt and ice melt during summer storage.

Continue reading as we discuss the best practices of ice melt and rock salt storage!

Storing Your Cutting Edge®️ Wholesale Ice Melt

When it comes to ice melt, you want to ensure that it operates to the fullest extent of its ability when applied to a slick surface. That being said, the best way to ensure that ice melt works to its full potential is to ensure that it is stored properly in the months where its use is not necessary. When you are storing ice melt it is important to consider the following:

  • Humidity – If there is one thing that you absolutely must consider when storing your ice melt it is the humidity of the room, or space, that it is to be stored. Humidity can cause the ice melt to react marginally — and while it might not be enough to render the product completely ineffective, it will be enough to hinder the effectiveness of the ice melts ability to… melt.
  • Sunlight – Much like humidity, sunlight can have adverse effects on your ice melt. As a chemical, inputs like heat and water can cause the product to react — and the only issue with that is that if it reacts in your garage while still in the bag, it will be less able to react when you spread it on slick surfaces the following winter.

Where Should You Store Ice Melt?

Ice melt should be stored in a controlled environment like a garage, basement or shed. Cutting Edge®️ Wholesale Ice Melt is packaged in a special non-slip, UV-resistant, and water-resistant packaging to ensure that the ice melt is protected from the elements, but it is still up to you to make sure that the bag is properly sealed and shielded from direct sunlight.

Storing Your Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt

Rock salt, if stored correctly, will never degrade in quality. Much like our ice melt, our Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt also needs to be stored in a controlled environment to ensure its ability to melt ice on slick surfaces the following winter. Also packaged in UV and water-resistant packaging, our rock salt does bet stored in tightly sealed bags in an area out of the sun. But what happens to your rock salt if it is not stored correctly?

  • Clumping – If rock salt is stored in a moist environment it can become clumpy, as the rock salt takes the moisture from the air and binds large amounts of crystals together. When this happens, the rock salt is not necessarily rendered ineffective, but it does become harder to spread — making it less efficient.
  • Precipitation – If your rock salt comes in contact with water, it can become a liquid state, thus allowing for it to disappear as a result of precipitation with the water.

Properly storing your Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt can ensure that it remains effective for many seasons to come.

Become A Dealer Of Cutting Edge ice Melt & Rock Salt

Now that you have a better idea of how to describe the ice melt and rock salt storage process to your customers it is about time that you get some on your shelves. Become a dealer of our various Cutting Edge®️ products today!

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