Spring is an interesting time of year because often times it can seemingly come out of nowhere. When winter is in full force it can be hard to look forward to sunnier skies — being that your current objective is clearing snow and preventing ice buildup. While yes, spring is still a couple of months away, it is still important to begin planning for spring by adjusting your ice melt product usage.

As a New England ice melt distributor we know a thing or two about ice melt, and we also know the effect that it can have on lawns. Nobody wants for spring to roll around and for their once green lawn to remain brown and patchy as the summer months progress. So how should you adjust your ice melt usage as we transition to spring? Continue reading to find out.

First Things First — Know How Much To Use

Whether you are using Cutting Edge®️ Ice Melt or Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt or even a deicer from another ice melt supplier, it is important to understand that too much of anything can impact your lawn. Lawns are a fragile ecosystem, and the thickness and color of the grass are entirely dependant on the inputs that the lawn receives.

If you use a large amount of ice melt products and deicing products in close proximity to your lawn, it is important to realize that upon the first rain of the year that the product can potentially be washed into the lawn’s root system.

To avoid affecting your lawn’s natural ability to grow, simply regulate, and be more conscious of, the amount of ice melt and deicer products that you apply in the spring months. In fact, when you use Cutting Edge®️ Ice Melt or Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt from Blank Industries, LLC, your local New England ice melt supplier, you don’t have to go overboard with application anyway — being that our product is extremely effective, and all.  

Know How To Apply It

So you understand that when it comes to ice melt products a large amount of product doesn’t necessarily need to be used after a small storm. But even if you know that you do not need to go overboard, the way that you are applying it might not be conducive to applying the right amount.

When applying ice melt products, or even rock salt products for that matter, most people use a small shovel, a cup, or even just gloves to spread the product. Did you know that by using these “traditional” methods to spread the product you might be over-applying it? All too often when people apply ice melt they do it unevenly, with some areas being spread thin and other accumulating piles. Instead, consider using a fertilizer spreader so that you can evenly spread the product while also using less product.   

For All Things Ice Melt, Think Blank Industries, LLC

As an ice melt distributor, we know a thing or two about making, and using, ice melt and rock salt products. Our products are designed to help prevent the embarrassment, and more importantly, pain, caused by slips and fall in snowy and icy environments. Our Cutting Edge®️ Ice Melt or Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt products are designed in such a way that you can use less and see a greater result. So what are you waiting for? Become a dealer today and begin selling our products to your customer base! Contact us today if you have any questions.

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