Buying in bulk has become such a cliche thing since companies like Costco and Sam’s Club have become popular. You used to buy 20 rolls of toilet paper at a time, but now you buy closer to 60. You used to buy beer in a 12-pack, but at stores like Costco, your smallest choice is a 24-pack. But why have people become so inclined to buy items in bulk?

If we are being honest, the food and retail industry was not the first industry to decide that buying products in bulk is good for everyone. In fact, it was our industry — the wholesale landscaping products industry. At Blank Industries, LLC we offer our retailers and dealers deals on large amounts of landscaping products like bulk rock salt — deals that help both your business and your business grow. But how can buying bulk rock salt from us help your New England business?

You Will Save Money

When you purchase bulk rock salt from Blank Industries, you pay less. When it comes to wholesaling ice melt products, we can discount bags of salt depending on the number of bags that you choose to by. The simple fact of the matter is that each bag of rock salt is cheaper when you buy an entire pallet versus one bag.

You Will Have Rock Salt Product When Your customers Need It

In the Northeastern United States, we get quite a bit of variable winter weather. In fact, we would be willing to say that some winters we have had the worst weather in the entire country. That being said, people always underestimate the amount of rock salt that they think they will need in the winter. In an effort to be better prepared than your customers, consider making an order of wholesale landscaping equipment like bagged rock salt from us in bulk. Then they will know that you are the local authority in rock salt for sale.

Avoid Shortages

As a manufacturer of wholesale landscaping products like ice melt and ice melt salt, it makes us cringe to say that shortages do occur in the Northeast. Stores, just like yours have been known to run out of rock salt before the winter ends — making them turn potential business opportunities away. Rather than being one of those stores that have to forgo a customer’s business (and their future business with your store, for that matter) simply place an order for bulk rock salt with Blank Industries today and rest easy knowing that your business is safe from shortages.

For Bulk Rock Salt For Sale Think Blank Industries

Now that you know the importance of buying rock salt in bulk, it is important that you take action before some of the more serious storms begin to roll into our region. Are you not already a dealer of bulk ice melt products from Blank Industries? Don’t fret, simply just apply to become a dealer of our wholesale landscaping supplies today!

We look forward to working with you!

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