History of Road Salt

At Blank Industries, LLC, we sell a number of wholesale landscaping products, but with winter swiftly approaching, there are really only two that matter right now — after all, you’re not thinking about re-mulching your lawn right now.  Ice melt and rock salt are the two products that we manufacture, you sell, and that people need all winter. If you are interested in becoming a dealer of our ice melt or rock salt products, we urge you to get in touch with us today.

In New England, we are more than familiar with rock salt and ice melt products. After all, we use them all winter to keep our families, friends, and customers safe. But how did we get here? What led us to begin using salt to melt ice? Join us in today’s blog as we discuss a brief synopsis of the history behind rock salt!


While some people might assume that rock salt was developed in the great Rocky Mountains of Utah and Colorado to keep cars from sliding off of the high mountain passes, it was actually first used right here in New England. However, it wasn’t the great state of Massachusetts that first began to use salt ice melt, it was our neighbors to the north, New Hampshire.

In 1938, New Hampshire began using sodium chloride as an experimental ice melt tool. By the 1940s, rock salt was used across the nation to keep snowy roadways clear, with some 5,000 tons of rock salt being used annually. Sounds like a lot of ice melt, huh? Well, 5,000 tons of rock salt may seem like a large amount of salt, but the United States currently uses upwards of 20 million tons of salt a year.

So, why have we begun to use such a large amount of rock salt? Well, to put it simply, it works. Bagged salt has proven itself to be an excellent tool for cities and states to keep their roadways clear for both pedestrians and traffic.

How Is It Used Today?

While rock salt may have been originally known as “road salt,”  it is now used in a number of different locations other than the roads (although it does still serve the same purpose). Rock salt is most commonly used to salt common walkways like sidewalks, alleyways, and even front steps. Currently, roadways are more commonly de-iced using magnesium chloride, but rock salt will always serve its purpose as an excellent tool for the home or business owner.

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