When it comes to buying products like ice melt, there is no doubt that your customers spend their time researching products before deciding on a single brand of rock salt to purchase. Why? Well, when a homeowner buys a 50-pound bag or rock salt, they do so knowing that it will likely last them over a year — with business owners thinking the same as they buy bulk rock salt. But why is this important? Well, when you purchase an amount of rock salt that will last you for over a year, you want to be sure that it works — otherwise, you just lost money. Join us in today’s blog as we discuss why Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt is the perfect brand of rock salt to carry in your landscaping materials store.

Long Lasting

One of the most variable things about rock salt is how long it can last. For some brands, it almost becomes a perishable product, with the product’s shelf life beginning to count down the second that you open it. Additionally, some ice melt products are even worse, and if you don’t use it one winter you can almost be assured that it will not work the following winter. At Blank Industries, LLC our Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt is packaged in water-resistant and UV resistant packaging, allowing you to store it outside, in the shed, or in the garage — it really doesn’t matter where you store it, because if it is properly sealed, it will last!

Easily Dispersible

Another factor that should be considered when choosing a brand of bulk rock salt is the ease of application. All too often people start spreading rock salt only to forget what end of the sidewalk they had started at or what corner of the driveway that they had forgotten to cover. With our Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt’s orange color indicator, you can rest easy knowing that you covered the entire area that was desired the first time.


Another important factor that should be considered when shopping for ice melt product is how efficient it is in melting ice, keeping it melted, and providing traction — after all, that is what ice melt is designed to do. Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt is one of the most economical and effective ice melt solutions on the market today, working efficiently to melt ice and keep it melted down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.


One of the main reasons that someone might avoid using ice melt products like Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt is their fear that it will be damaging to the surfaces that it is applied — whether that be a wooden deck or a concrete driveway. Traditionally rock salt products have been corrosive and cake easily. Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt’s proprietary blend includes corrosion-inhibitors and anti-caking agents to ensure that damaging driveways is a thing of the past.

So what are you waiting for? If you sell landscaping materials, hardware, or outdoor goods, become a dealer of Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt and our other Cutting Edge®️ products. At Blank Industries, LLC, we manufacture the best wholesale landscaping products so that you can bring them to your customers knowing that they have the best product possible. Contact us today if you have any questions about becoming a dealer.

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