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Hello, and welcome to the Blank Industries, LLC blog. Here at Blank Industries, LLC, we sell wholesale landscaping products ranging from ice melt to mulch to topsoil to decorative rocks and masonry sand to businesses in the Hudson, Massachusetts area, and beyond. Blank Industries, LLC wasn’t always the company that it is today, as it takes a while to become a trusted name in wholesale landscaping products like we are today. We started as a marketing manager, logistics manager, and distributor for Cutting EdgeⓇ Brand landscaping materials, and later saw a higher demand in the number of products that were needed by our area business partners. As a result of this high demand, we too became manufacturers of wholesale landscaping products.

Today, we sell our manufactured materials in our own packaging, made in our very own Hudson, Massachusetts facility. Seasonally, certain items become higher in demand and we tailor our productions to fit the demand of the businesses that we work with. Currently, we are gearing in for winter by manufacturing wholesale ice melt.

Get Your Ice Melt Locally From Blank Industries, LLC

You might think we are crazy because, well — it is almost July, temperatures are sitting comfortably in the 90s, yet we are talking about rock salt and ice melt salt. Well, if you think about the manufacturing process it makes sense because we have to make it well in advance so that your business can purchase the wholesale ice melt and have it on your shelves before the first big storm of winter.

If you are trying to stock your shelves before the storms start rolling in then be sure to contact us at Blank Industries, LLC and we will make sure that you have the bagged salt well before your customers begin to start looking to you for it.

The Product

As a top ice melt manufacturer in New England, we take great pride in the products that we put out. For example, our Cutting EdgeⓇ Brand salt ice melt is specially manufactured to be extremely effective in melting ice and snow, while leaving the most minimal impact on the property it is administered to.

In order to make our bulk ice melt the best wholesale ice melt available to the New England area, we developed a proprietary formula consisting of a three-way blend of sodium chloride crystals, calcium chloride, and potassium chloride. Our formula is extremely effective, melting snow and ice in temperatures as low as -12 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, our bulk ice melt formula is safer than most of our competitor’s solutions. Where our competitor’s ice melt can be corrosive and damaging to materials as dense as concrete, our Cutting EdgeⓇ Brand wholesale ice melt is infused with a corrosion inhibitor to negate the traditional acidic qualities that ice melt salt is known for.

It probably doesn’t sound like our Cutting EdgeⓇ Brand bulk ice melt could get any better, right? Well, it can. Our proprietary solution is also designed to stay exactly where you apply it, meaning that your days of tracking gargantuan amounts of ice melt into your house are over. Our bulk ice melt stays where it lies, meaning you will be provided with the excellent traction and ice melt that you need — as long as you need it. So what else can our ice melt do? Check out the list below to learn about all of the benefits of our Cutting EdgeⓇ Brand bagged salt.

  • It is more pet-friendly than traditional ice melt salt
  • Less damaging where applied
  • Less harmful to plants
  • It has a non-caking agent – say goodbye to clumping
  • Long shelf life
  • Fast acting and consistent
  • High-visibility color indicator
  • UV, water-resistant packaging

So Why Work With Blank Industries, LLC To Stock Your Shelves With Bagged Ice Melt?

Here at Blank Industries, LLC, not only do we have the best wholesale landscaping products, we have the best system. All those years ago when we decided to become ice melt manufacturers as well as marketing and logistics managers we cracked the code for the wholesale landscaping products industry. Why might you ask? Well, whereas you usually have to work with multiple different businesses to coordinate marketing, distribution, and manufacturing, you now only have to coordinate with one — us.

If you are as interested as working with us like we are interested in working with you, we urge you to contact us and inquire about becoming a dealer today. For more information on partnering with us at Blank Industries, LLC be sure to check out our dealer resources. Together, we can provide Hudson MA and the rest of New England with the best ice melt on the market. We look forward to hearing from you.

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