Ah, the age-old debate — rock salt versus ice melt. As a wholesale ice melt and bulk rock salt provider, we really do not have a stake in this argument — but if you find yourself questioning what ice and snow mitigation method to use, feel free to refer to one of our past blogs where we juxtapose the two. Today, however, we will only be discussing rock salt and three reasons that we think that your business would benefit from selling our Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt in your local landscaping materials store.

At Blank Industries, LLC, we specialize in manufacturing salt ice melt and providing it wholesale to area businesses. In today’s post, we are briefly going to discuss three reasons why we believe that your business could benefit from selling our Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt product.


It is a common misconception that rock salt can only be used to melt ice when in reality it is almost a more proficient product in generating traction. People typically opt to use chemical ice melt when there is a lot of ice that needs to be melted in a timely manner while using rock salt to create traction and slowly melt small to medium amounts of ice. The most common uses of rock salt that you might know of are to coat winter roads and create traction for vehicles, as well as to create traction on the sidewalk for pedestrians — leading us to our next point.

Liability Protection

This benefit is something that you, as a distributor of our Cutting Edge®️ Rock Salt product, should try to market to your customers is that it covers their professional liability if they are a business owner. As a business owner, it is their responsibility to keep the sidewalks in front of their building free of slick ice and other wintery byproducts. By utilizing bagged salt, they may be able to avoid a premises liability lawsuit.

Keeping An Area Ice Free

Often times people think of rock salt as a tool for responding to ice and snow, when in reality it can be just as beneficial if applied before the accumulation of snow. Rock salt will melt ice and snow in temperatures as low as 15 degrees, meaning if it is about to snow and you apply rock salt to your driveway it might be easier to shovel after the snowing has ended. Reminding you customers of rock salt’s utility will end up benefiting your landscaping materials store in the end.

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At Blank Industries we manufacture wholesale landscaping products like our Cutting Edge®️ Bagged Salt product so that your landscaping materials store can provide its customers with a high quality, responsive, solution to keeping their sidewalks and roadways safe. Next time someone searches “snow salt for sale” or “bagged rock salt for sale”, why not have the search engine to point them in the direction of your business. As a dealer of Blank Industries bagged salt, not only will you make money, but you will rest easy knowing that you are selling a top of the line bulk ice melt product.

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