Wholesale Ice Melt

As a wholesale ice melt and rock salt manufacturer, we get a lot of questions about our product and if there is anything that they should do, or not do, to ensure that it works effectively. While it seems like using ice melt should be a quick, and easy process, applying it in the wrong way, or not applying it at all can end up rendering it pointless.

In today’s blog post, Blank Industries, LLC, your source for wholesale ice melt in the New England area, will discuss some of the most important things that you should do, or not do when using our ice melt products.

The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Not Use It It At All

It’s okay — we understand that the first time that you use ice melt in front of your home or business, you likely have no idea how to properly use it. Because of this, you might feel deterred from using it at all. Not laying down ice melt in a situation where you obviously had felt the need to do so can be dangerous, putting your family or customers at risk of injury as a result of slipping.

Using Too Much

It might seem a little silly that too much ice melt could be bad in an icy situation, it is. Using an excessive amount of ice melt does not melt the ice any faster than a small amount would, and instead becomes a tracking nuisance. When you walk through a section where you have applied too much ice melt you are likely to track the product into your house or business, making an unsightly mess for your family of customers.

Applying It Wrong

One of the worst things that you can do when using ice melt is to apply it wrong. When applying your ice melt it is important to make sure that you lay it down evenly, avoiding small piles of product, as it would render the ice melt ineffective. Additionally, most people think that ice melt is strictly used after it storms when in reality it is more effective to lay the ice meltdown first if you know that a storm is coming.

Not Cleaning It Up

Once the spring begins and the snow and ice begin to subside, it is important to clean up the leftover ice melt and dispose of it accordingly. As an ice melt manufacturer, we understand that while we engineer our product to be safer, and pet-friendly, it is still not a natural product and should not be left in excess amounts on the sidewalk or driveway. Instead, it is important to sweep up the ice melt product and rinse off your pavement, to ensure that chemicals do not bleach or deteriorate your concrete.

Using The Wrong Kind

While it may seem like no matter the brand of wholesale ice melt that you choose to purchase you are doomed, you’re not — you still have a choice.  Our Cutting EdgeⓇ wholesale ice melt has been specially engineered to be less harmful to pets, concrete, and plants, while still performing as well as top ice melt brands on the market. Additionally, our wholesale ice melt is less likely to clump or cake, ensuring that you can apply the proper amount with ease.

If you own a business that sells ice melt to other New England businesses or homeowners, we urge to contact us at Blank Industries, LLC, your local provider of wholesale landscaping products, and ask about becoming a dealer of Cutting EdgeⓇ products.

We look forward to working with you soon.

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