As spring approaches us it is time to start thinking about the sale of landscaping materials. As a store that sells landscaping materials in New England, you are likely gearing up your marketing for the garden and landscaping materials that you intend on selling this spring and summer.

At Blank Industries, LLC, we manufacture and sell wholesale mulch to businesses just like your so that they can, in turn, sell them to their customers. Are you already a dealer of our wholesale bagged mulch? Continue reading for some tips and tricks on how you can market our Cutting Edge® wholesale landscaping products. Are you not a dealer of our wholesale landscaping products? Become a dealer today.

First Things First — Know What Mulch Is

If you do not already have a firm grasp on what mulch is, let us enlighten you! Mulch is a layer of organic material (almost always wood) that is applied to the surface of the soil to aid in the conservation, fertility, and visual appeal of the soil. Mulch can come in a variety of colors and textures, with brown and black wood chips being among the most common. At Blank Industries, we manufacture and sell two kinds of wholesale bagged mulch — our Cutting Edge® Brown Mulch and our Cutting Edge® Black Mulch.

Be sure to place an order of our wholesale mulch today so that you can ensure that you have it when the snow melts!

Market The Aesthetic

When it comes to mulch, people only buy it for a handful of reasons, but the number one reason that people purchase mulch is because of the aesthetic value that it can add to a yard. Some people use mulch to cover up unsightly patches of dirt in their yard where grass refuses to grow, while others use it to tastefully surround the immediate vicinity of their home.

But the aesthetic value in the sense of cultivating a clean and colorful feel is not the extent of mulch’s visual appeal. Mulch can also inhibit the growth of unsightly weeds. So in a sense, the mulch markets itself.

Market The Environmental Benefit

Mulch is all too often thought of as having purely aesthetic value, when in reality, it’s environmental value trumps it’s visual appeal. When mulch is applied to a soil surface it regulates the temperature, moisture content, and the ability for noxious weeds to grow. Because of this, mulch is an incredibly popular garden tool and is used to maintain the moisture of the soil for flowers and vegetables while allowing gardeners to keep their garden weed-free.

For Wholesale Mulch, Contact Blank Industries

If you are looking for a high-quality wholesale landscaping supplies manufacturer, look no further. At Blank Industries we manufacture and sell landscaping materials like mulch for local businesses here in the New England area to sell to their customers. If you have any questions about our wholesale landscaping materials, we urge you to contact us today.

Are you not already a dealer of Blank Industries landscaping materials? Become one today!

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