At Blank Industries, we know a thing or two about wholesale landscaping supplies. While one might assume that we know more about manufacturing mulch than we do using it, we find ourselves to be quite savvy when it comes to the residential application of mulch. After all, we do the same yard work at our homes that you do at yours.

Because of this, we thought it might be a good idea to discuss some of our favorite uses for mulch. So keep reading to learn more about what you can do with our wholesale mulch!

First Things First: Why Use Mulch?

Most people know that mulch has benefits that extend far beyond its aesthetic benefit as a landscaping tool, but they don’t know quite how beneficial it truly is. In fact, mulch is one of the best landscaping products that we sell when it comes to the product’s versatility.

Our wholesale bagged mulch:

  • Suppresses weeds and makes them easier to pull
  • Slows the evaporation of water from the soil
  • Insulates young plants during temperature extremes
  • Prevents soil compaction during heavy rain events
  • Slows stormwater runoff
  • Helps prevent the transfer of diseased organisms moving from the soil to the plant
  • Has a sharp look when applied to your landscaping

How To Use Our Bagged Mulch

Use It Around Your Home

When you decide that you want to integrate mulch within your landscape design, it is important to make sure that you maximize the benefits of the mulch — so think in terms of function rather than aesthetic. One of the best ways to do so is to frame the foundation of your home with a 2- or 3-foot wide ring of mulch. There are both functional and aesthetic benefits to wrapping a band of mulch around the foundation of your home. The mulch will protect your plants, keep weeds away, and it will create a clean look.

Under An Acidic Tree

So, you have a beautiful Eastern White Pine in your yard. Your great grandfather might have planted it 50 years ago or your local garden shop could have dropped it off a week ago — it really doesn’t matter — either way the acidity of the tree sap is killing the grass beneath it.

Luckily, a bag of our organic mulch is a simple solution. Simply spread the mulch under the tree and frame it with some edging and you will have a nice mulch covering over the bare soil. Not only will this keep the soil healthier in the long term, but you won’t have to look at the giant bald spot that was once on your lawn.

Along The Inside Of The Fence

One of the worst things in the world is having to break out the weed eater after you are done mowing because your push mower couldn’t trim the grass right up against the fence. Rather than making weed eating a Sunday ritual, consider placing a thin band of mulch contained by edging along the inside of the fence. Not only will it allow you to plant more flowers in your yard, but it will also allow you to store your weed eater in a deeper and darker part of your shed.

You’ve Got The Ideas, Now Come Get the Mulch!

Now that you have a couple of ideas of how to use the mulch in your yard, consider placing an order for our wholesale mulch. Do you only need a few bags of mulch? Find our products at a New England Dealer!

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