When people wander through the aisles of your store looking at the various pallets holding 50-pound bags of sand, stone, mulch, and soil, they may understand what each bag holds but that doesn’t mean that they know how to use the products or what the products are best used for — and nobody is going to buy a product that they don’t understand. Because of this, it is incredibly important for you to communicate to your customers why they need the product, and there is no better way to do so than to educate them on the benefits of the products.

In today’s blog we will be discussing the benefits and intended uses of two lesser-known landscaping materials — Cutting Edge® Mason Sand and Cutting Edge® Stone Dust.

Cutting Edge® Mason Sand

Mason sand, like other types of sand, is a particulate mixture of various crushed rocks that have either been worn down by natural elements or manufactured in a quarry. Mason sand is composed of a variety of different kinds of rocks, but among the most common are granite, gneiss, trap stone, and limestone.

What truly sets mason sand apart from other variations of sand is the manufactured finish that the sand has for aesthetic purposes. Being that mason sand is used in projects that are generally meant to have some sort of curb appeal, the sand is broken down into fine grains and washed.

What Are The Best Uses For Cutting Edge® Mason Sand?

Mason sand is best used in projects that have some sort of aesthetic value that must be maintained. Because The sand is similar in nature to concrete sand, mason sand can be used as a substitute in batches of concrete to give the final product a smoother surface finish. Additionally, mason sand can be used as a leveling medium in its raw form. Some of the more common uses for mason sand as a leveling medium would be its use to level and stabilize pavers or temporary products like above ground pools. Like most things, if your customers are aware of the benefits and uses of Cutting Edge® Mason Sand they will be much more likely to buy it.

Cutting Edge® Stone Dust

Stone dust is a much darker and coarser version of sand. Much like sand, it is produced in a quarry by running stones through a crushing process — the only difference being that the process is much shorter. As the rocks are being crushed, the materials fall onto a screen that catches the larger particulate, only letting the stone dust product pass through.

How Is Cutting Edge® Stone Dust Best Used?

Stone dust has many uses. Being that stone dust is a mixture of sand, dust, and small rock, it retains some of the benefits of each component’s practical uses. Because stone dust is still relatively fine, it too can be used as a leveling medium for pavers and other above ground items in need of leveling and support. On the other hand, the qualities of gravel that are retained by stone dust allows it to be used for walkways, horse arenas, biking trails, and other surface-covering projects. While stone dust acts as both sand and stone, its most beneficial quality might be its compaction and density. Stone dust is porous enough to let water pass through it to the soil, but it is also solid enough to prevent weeds from growing upwards. Now, if your customers heard that benefit alone they might consider buying some Cutting Edge® Stone Dust.

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