As you likely already know if you have been tuning in to our blog series, Blank Industries, LLC is a manufacturer and seller of wholesale landscaping products. While we sell a variety of winter and summer landscaping products ranging from ice melt and rock salt to mulch and decorative rocks, there is one landscaping product of ours that is always in high demand — topsoil.

Topsoil is used in a variety of different applications — and if you own a home other than a condo or apartment that has a yard, topsoil might be a necessity. As a business that sells landscaping products in the New England area, you can capitalize on homeowners’ inherent need for topsoil by becoming a dealer of Cutting Edge® Topsoil. But what uses and applications might a homeowner need topsoil for? Continue reading to find out.

First Things First — What Is Topsoil?

Topsoil is the outermost layer of soil. Typically topsoil is known to range from five to ten inches in depth, but this will vary depending on a number of different factors. What makes topsoil so important is that it is the most nutrient-rich kind of soil — as it is where the most organic matter can be found.

While topsoil and compost are two very different things, the best way to think of topsoil is as a soil with some of the nutrient properties of compost — allowing you to apply topsoil in areas that need, or could stand to benefit from, more nutrients.

Uses For Topsoil

Below, we have outlined a few of the more common uses for topsoil so that you might have a better idea of how to market our bagged topsoil to customers of your establishment.

Turf-Grass Health – In most parts of the country, including here in New England, newly built homes are known for having poor soil quality around them. This is because after months of construction soil is stripped away and compacted. Applying topsoil can give your new turf lawn the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Gardening – Whether you want to grow a tomato plant or two on your back porch or have raised garden beds that practically make your yard a tiny farm, topsoil is the perfect soil to use. Combine it with some compost for added nutrients!

Ecological Health – Unbeknownst to most people, each and every yard is a micro-ecosystem — and topsoil can help your micro-ecosystem be healthier. Topsoil adds nutrients to the soil, soil helps flowers grow, flowers attract bees, and bees pollinate other plants — and the list goes on.  Topsoil can point your yard in a healthier direction.

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