Ask anyone who deals with ice melt sales what one of the biggest problems they face is, and they will tell you it’s estimating how much of the various ice melt products to order for the season.  Snow and ice events can vary so much year to year, that even the most experienced buyers in the industry aren’t really sure how much ice melt they’ll need.  Order too much, and you’re stuck with leftover inventory in the Spring.  Order too little and miss out on sales and risk permanently losing customers.

The solution?  A SKU Reducer – one product that can cover the majority of desired results from each of your top sellers, without the drawbacks.   Pro PowerMelt + is manufactured with patent pending Breakthrough Infusion Technology™,  for an infused ice melt that is more effective and longer lasting.  Pro Powermelt + encapsulates the desired benefits found in higher priced products within one product.  Stocking one ice melt product reduces the risk of being left with too much or too little at season’s end.

The intention and concept behind our business was to offer a product that is a SKU reducer . One high-quality product that offers all the benefits that customers want, to meet more needs with fewer brands, at a reasonable cost.  This was the concept for our Breakthrough Infusion Technology™, to allow us to provide an innovation in ice melt for a highly effective, fast-acting, long lasting product, that was also less damaging and easy to apply.

And the benefits of having a SKU reducer:

  • Focus on training your staff on all of the benefits of one product
  • Get a volume discount by purchasing higher volumes
  • Attracting more customers
  • Reduced consumer confusion
  • Reduced inventory struggles to monitor and manage
  • Avoiding waste

With this SKU reducer, you can have one product, at a price that competes with your lower commodity products, at a quality that meets or exceeds your highest priced products. With snow on the way this week, it’s essential to contact us today and find out more about what Blank Industries™ can do for your business.