1. Latest on the Weather

    Mar 1, 2021: Don't rule out the possibility of a big storm Monday.  Following what typically happens in these types of winters, also expect one last hurrah at the end of March or early April.…Read More

  2. Latest on the Storms

    2/22/21: Warmer temperatures this week and some light snow early in the week, but a possible snowstorm this weekend and more to come next week!…Read More

  3. Latest on the Storms

    2/15/21: Several storms for this week! Once this current messy storm of snow, sleet and freezing rain moves out, we have a huge ice storm in Texas that will head to the Northeast.  Followed by another storm Sunday that will move from the Midwest to the Northeast.…Read More

  4. Latest on the Storms

    2/8/21: We're in an active winter pattern rarely seen, with at least another two weeks of Snowmaggedon!  Light snow early this week, followed by the biggest snowstorm of the season for Washington DC.  This weekend, the polar vortex rotates into the Great Lakes in combination with extreme cold to c…Read More

  5. Latest on the Storms

    2/5/2021: A severe period of winter weather is on the way.  Storm after storm hitting midwest to Northeast with perhaps all-time record cold for February.  There is potential for a major storm from Texas to the northeastern U.S. later next week. 2/1/2021: This storm is living up to the expectation…Read More

  6. Top 5 Mistakes People Make In Applying Ice Melt

    In buying ice melt, people often don’t know or don't pay attention to the correct application instructions.  And whether you’re selling ice melt or buying ice melt, it’s important to know where people might go wrong. Applying ice melt that won’t melt in freezing temps If you don’t check t…Read More

  7. Why You Need a SKU Reducer Right Now

    Ask anyone who deals with ice melt sales what one of the biggest problems they face is, and they will tell you it’s estimating how much of the various ice melt products to order for the season.  Snow and ice events can vary so much year to year, that even the most experienced buyers in the indust…Read More

  8. 5 Easy Steps to Private Labeling Ice Melt

    Private labeling ice melt is easy and affordable for any size business with Blank Industries™.  By partnering with us, private label becomes a realistic, cost effective option for all business sizes as we introduce our “Pay as you Grow” plan with batch release orders!  We take the guess work…Read More