Decorative stone like river rock and other decorative aggregates are an excellent way to spruce up your garden while also managing weeds and noxious growth. At Blank Industries, LLC in Hudson, Massachusetts, we offer wholesale decorative stones to area businesses in bulk so that they can sell the decorative garden stones by the bag to their customers. Is your business worried about delivery, searching “decorative stone delivery”? Don’t fret, as we deliver our decorative gravel by the pallet to your store. Contact us today, because we look forward to working with your business tomorrow.

  1. The Advantages Of Using Decorative Stone In Your Landscaping

    When people think of decorative stone, they tend to think of the bright tempered glass pieces that are most often used to bring color to the inside of a vase. While yes, glass and stone are relatively similar in the sense that they are both made from compacted minerals and compounds, real decorative…Read More

  2. Blank Industries — Keeping Sidewalks Safe This Holiday Season

    As an Ice melt supplier, we know a thing or two about keeping sidewalks, driveways, and roadways safe. In fact, that is exactly why we manufacture our wholesale landscaping materials like rock salt and ice melt. As a retailer that sells ice melt, you too understand the value of ice melt products, as…Read More