Cutting Edge® Mason Sand is an excellent choice to level surfaces for hardscape projects, such as flagstones, pavers, brick, walkways, patios and retaining walls. Our Mason Sand can provide good compaction for a solid base and is easy to sweep between cracks to “set” stones. It allows good drainage, preventing standing water from building under stones, which can reduce damage to your project from freezing and thawing. The forgiving surface can also inhibit stones from cracking or settling and is soft on feet. Cutting Edge® Mason Sand can also reduce grass and weed growth between stones. It is perfect for commercial and residential use. Our unique UV and water-resistant, non-slip packaging can provide extra protection for outdoor storage for use year after year.


Used to Level Surface for Flagstones, Pavers, Brick, Walkways, Patios and Retaining Walls
Can Provide Good Compaction for a Solid Base
Easy to Sweep into Cracks to “Set” Stones
Allows Good Drainage
Can Reduce Damage to Stones from Freezing and Thawing
Can Inhibit Stones from Cracking or Settling
Can Reduce Grass and Weed Growth Between Stones
Soft on Feet
UV, Non-slip and Water-Resistant Packaging Which is More Resistant to Weather for Outdoor Storage

Available in 50 LB. Bags and Bulk Quantities!