“Why can’t I buy just one or two bags of Cutting Edge® products?
We sell by the truckload to protect our distributors and dealers. Please call us and we will gladly advise you of a distributor near you, where you can purchase by the bag.

Are your mulches and other soil products organic?
Our products are made with organic materials, but they are not certified as organic.

What if I can’t store a truckload of product?
No problem! We will store your additional pallets at our warehouse in Hudson, MA until you need them. Just let us know when you want to pick up, and we will have them ready for you!

How can I become a Cutting Edge® Dealer?
It’s easy! Go to “hyper link dealer page”, fill out the credit terms and email them to info@blankind.com. We will contact you from there!

Are your Ice Melt products pellets or flakes?
Neither! Our de-icing products are infused crystals!

Do you deliver?
Yes, you can get your order delivered. Prices are based on 3rd party rates.

Can I combine more than 1 product to make a truckload purchase?
Yes, if you don’t want to order a complete truckload of 1 product, we will allow you to combine our products to make the truckload quantity.

Do you offer terms?
Yes, we will review your credit and set up terms commensurate with your credit.