Blank Industries™ is a Leading Ice Melt Manufacturer in New England.

We are the sole manufacturer of Cutting Edge® brand products, but we also offer bulk road salt, as well as premium ice melt private labeling and packaging services as well. Sold through distribution in trailer load quantities, all of our products come with our top-rated customer service, plus the quality, reliability and affordability that you have come to expect from Blank Industries™.

Bagged Products and Services

PrivateLabelingBagPrivate Labeling

Packaging Services

Pro PowerMelt +

Cutting Edge®
Pro PowerMelt +

Cutting Edge®
Rock Salt

Manufactured with  Breakthrough Infusion Technology®, our private labeling clients range from large, global distributors, to small, local shops.  Our private labeling services of ice melt and rock salt are fast, easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Specializing in packaging on our high-speed fully automated equipment, we can bag, palletize and wrap your product in our high-quality, UV, non-slip and water-resistant bags.   We’ll take almost any bulk product, and package it in premium bags to further promote your brand.  Bring us your product, decide on your bag design and let us do the rest!

Our proprietary blend of environment and pet-safer ice melt, manufactured with Breakthrough Infusion Technology®, which is specifically  formulated to meet the challenging needs of winter in New England.  Made from a three-way blend and a non-magnesium product, Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt + is specially formulated to be safer for people, property and pets.

Our economical and effective ice melt solution that  is specially formulated to be less corrosive than basic rock salt, while melting ice and snow quickly.

Looking for Bulk Products?

Bulk Ice Warrior Rock Salt

We know that not all your customers want to purchase in bagged form, so we offer the incredible Ice Warrior road salt in bulk! Buying in bulk allows you to save money and pass those savings along to your customers for higher volume sales. Through our streamlined, fully-automated production line, we can offer our products at unbelievably low prices and we’re local. Call us to order by the truckload, or stop by our location in Hudson, MA to pick up!

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