1. How To Store Your Cutting Edge®️ Ice Melt Products

    At Blank Industries, LLC, we are ice melt suppliers to the New England area. Our ice melt and rock salt products are manufactured with the intent to make roadways, driveways, sidewalks, and steps safer in the winter by reducing the fall risk of the user. As a dealer of our ice melt products, or even…Read More

  2. How To Market Wholesale Ice Melt In Your Store

    How To Market Wholesale Ice Melt In Your Store

    As a store that sells ice melt here in New England, you likely don’t have to try very hard to market your product — after all, when it snows and walkways become slippery, people will come searching for your product. That being said, people don’t have to come to your store to buy ice melt. Beca…Read More

  3. History of Road Salt

    The History Of “Road Salt”

    At Blank Industries, LLC, we sell a number of wholesale landscaping products, but with winter swiftly approaching, there are really only two that matter right now — after all, you're not thinking about re-mulching your lawn right now.  Ice melt and rock salt are the two products that we manufactu…Read More

  4. Five Eco-friendlier Snow Removal Tips

    As summer draws to an end it is likely that everyone in New England has begun to shift their thoughts to the upcoming winter — and the large amounts of snow and ice that come with it. Not only can snow removal and mitigation services be costly, but they can also be futile. If you are looking for s…Read More

  5. Three Important Tips To Effectively Use Ice Melt

    As an ice melt manufacturer in the New England area, we know a few things about ice melt — including the most effective ways to use it. In today’s blog post we will be discussing a few of the most effective and safe ways to use your ice melt once you purchase it from one of our local ice melt di…Read More

  6. Rock Salt vs Ice Melt

    Rock Salt Vs. Ice Melt: The Differences & Benefits Of Each

    During winter months homeowners and business owners across the country, and especially here in New England, stock up on wholesale ice melt and rock salt to ensure that they can keep their family members and customers safe from slipping hazards like snow and ice. People commonly refer to both rock sa…Read More

  7. Wholesale Ice Melt

    Wholesale Ice Melt Do’s & Don’ts

    As a wholesale ice melt and rock salt manufacturer, we get a lot of questions about our product and if there is anything that they should do, or not do, to ensure that it works effectively. While it seems like using ice melt should be a quick, and easy process, applying it in the wrong way, or not a…Read More