Blank Industries™ is a state of the art, manufacturing, processing and fully-automated high-speed packaging facility. We specialize in brand name, private-label and custom manufacturing of patent pending high-quality bagged Ice Melt products, full-line bagged Landscape products and bagged Masonry products. We take pride in offering superior customer service, and the finest quality products at the most reasonable price available, without exception, by using our unique patented manufacturing processes, equipment and systems.

Our facility stands on a 13-acre footprint and is strategically located in Northeastern United States in Hudson, Massachusetts. We specialize in the manufacturing, processing and packaging of full-line, year-round, four-season outdoor bagged and bulk landscape, masonry and ice control products. We are the only supplier you will need for all four seasons of the year. We never sell direct, as all our packaged products are sold through distribution, leaving our customers to maximize their profits. Our clients range from the smallest local clients to the largest most demanding global high volume big-box retailers and distributors. Brand name and custom “private label”​ products are manufactured, processed, screened, blended, bagged, palatalized, shrink-wrapped, labeled, bar coded, shipped and tracked all from our Hudson, Massachusetts facility.

Blank Industries™ specializes in manufacturing, processing, packaging and distribution of:

Ice Melt  |  Rock Salt  | Calcium Chloride  |  Magnesium Chloride  |  Soil  |  Compost  |  Mulch
Decorative Stones (bags only)  |  Masonry Products (bags only)
Custom Product Blending and Manufacturing

We are the sole manufacturer of the Cutting Edge® Brand Products, top-of-the-line ice melt and ice melt materials. Our  local Massachusetts location, streamlined production, high-quality materials, four-season product line, value, and focus on customer satisfaction are what set us apart from start to finish. Contact us today for more information.