Blank Industries™ is the region’s high speed, fully automated manufacturer of locally sourced, year-round ice control and landscaping products.

Our fully automated production line is streamlined to deliver bagged ice melt and other landscape products quickly. We carefully process our own high-quality

Ice Melt  |  Rock Salt  |  Mulch  |  Soil  |  Compost  |  Decorative Stones (bags only)  |  Masonry Products (bags only)

Our wholesale ice melt and landscape materials are sold in bulk or bagged in our fully automated packaging equipment. Use of our own products lowers costs, assures consistency, and reduces delivery times!

We are the sole manufacturer of the Cutting Edge® Brand Products, top-of-the-line ice melt and ice melt materials. Our  local Massachusetts location, streamlined production, high-quality materials, four-season product line, value, and focus on customer satisfaction are what set us apart from start to finish. Contact us today for more information.