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Blank Industries is the largest, most reliable ice melt manufacturer in New England, dedicated to consistently and reliably providing top quality products, top-rated customer service at an affordable price.

Experience the Blank Industries Difference:

Top Quality Products

We are the only manufacturer with Breakthrough Infusion Technology ®, designed to produce the highest quality ice melt products.  Our premium ice melt is top-rated and will have your customers buying again and again!

Is your ice melt manufactured with Breakthrough Infusion Technology®?


We work tirelessly to provide you with product right when you need it.  Our state-of-the-art, 13 acre facility is designed to streamline the manufacturing process and our convenient location in Hudson, MA right in the heart of beautiful New England means that it’s easy to pick up or have product quickly delivered straight to your location.


Many of our competitors look like a manufacturer, but actually get their product from another source. We manufacture, bag and palletize our own proprietary ice melt right in Hudson MA, resulting in the lowest cost top-quality ice melt.  Our convenient location means that it’s easy to pickup your order or, if you prefer, have your truckload shipped – freight is negligible!

The Best Customer Service

At Blank Industries, we earn your business each and every time we work with you. Known for our top-rated, 5-star customer service, we work with you to provide you the best, most reliable service. We take pride in our work and our customers know they can expect the best from Blank Industries.

Blank Industries Winter Weather Alert

Every winter has its own challenges, but this one brought snow in California and warmth to the Northeast! Here’s a recap of the winter and what that means for next winter (hint: it won’t be a repeat of this year!)

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What is Breakthrough Infusion Technology®?

Breakthrough Infusion Technology® is a patented process that has enhanced ice melt and changed the way it’s made.  We have infused the ingredients inside each crystal for a calcium chloride-like ice melt, without the high cost.  Breakthrough Infusion Technology® results in a more consistent, longer-lasting product with a longer shelf life.

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Private Labeling for Any Size Business

If you’ve thought private labeling was not an option for your business, because it was too complicated, too costly or that the minimum order size was too large, you haven’t worked with Blank Industries! We can process small or large quantites of privately labeled ice melt so that you can sell your own brand. It’s faster, easier and cheaper than you may think.

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Bulk Treated Salt Available

If you’re looking for the best in bulk treated salt, bulk Ice Warrior Road Salt is for you. Available for pick-up and delivery, call us today to get low pricing on bulk road salt.


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