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When the ice melt manufacturing industry had remained unchanged for decades, Blank Industries was established to revolutionize ice melt. Our goal is to become a reliable ice melt manufacturer of a more effective product, with a focus on quality, reliability and affordability, not to mention our five-star customer service.

Blank Industries introduced a patented process, called Breakthrough Infusion Technology®, that could improve the consistency and effectiveness of ice melt, unlike typical additives that slough off and shift inside the package.

We set a high standard for our customer service and, with our streamlined facility, patented manufacturing process and convenient location in New England, we can quickly ship product to where it’s needed, greatly reducing overall delivered costs. We are one of the only fully automated manufacturing, processing and packaging facilities in the United States, situated on 12-acres of land so our customers don’t have to store large quantities of product. We always have ice melt when you need it and in real time.

Give us a try so your customers can experience the benefits you ONLY find with Blank Industries, OR talk to us about manufacturing your private label brand with Breakthrough Infusion Technology®.



Pro PowerMelt ice melt


From the first phone call to the customized marketing materials and customer support throughout the season, you'll see what makes us different from your standard ice melt manufacturers.  Our core values make us exceptional, and our customers are what motivate us to constantly improve.  We never compare ourselves to our competition, we always seek to raise the bar on our own standards that we set.  Our customers are our partners and our success comes from our customers' own success.  Find out what it means to have Blank Industries on your side. 

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