Blank Industries™ is a Top Bagged and Bulk Treated Road Salt Supplier in New England

Cutting Edge® Rock Salt is an economical and effective ice melt solution. Our rock salt is a non-magnesium product and is specially formulated with a corrosion inhibitor to be less corrosive than basic rock salt while melting ice and snow quickly. It also contains an anti-caking agent and is coated with an orange color indicator to ensure cost-effective, even dispersion.

Its longer shelf life and easy dispersion through a spreader makes our Cutting Edge® Rock Salt a great choice for commercial or residential use, providing non-slip protection, as well as a two-step heating process that provides a long-lasting defense against ice on driveways, sidewalks, steps, or anywhere it’s applied. When it comes to road salt suppliers, you won’t find any better than Blank Industries.

Our unique UV and water-resistant non-slip packaging provides extra protection for outdoor storage and can last year after year to provide ice melt protection for your home.


Economical Ice Melt Solution
Less Corrosive Than Basic Rock Salt
Melts Ice and Snow Fast
Formulated with a Corrosion Inhibitor
Non-Caking Agent to Reduce Clumping
Longer Shelf Life
Easily Dispersed Through a Spreader
Non-Magnesium Product
Increased Slip Protection
Highly Visible Orange Color Indicator
UV, Non-Slip and Water-Resistant Packaging, Which Is More Resistant to Weather for Outdoor Storage


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Bulk Rock Salt & Road Salt Pallets for Wholesale

Blank Industries™ manufactures road salt and ice melt sold only through wholesale distribution.  To buy bulk deicing rock salt, call to order trailer load quantities or stop by our location.