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Welcome to YOUR Private Label!

Blank Industries has removed the barriers to build your brand. We private label ice melt and rock salt for businesses ranging from local shops to global high-volume national retailers and distributors. Only Blank Industries provides patented Breakthrough Infusion Technology®, an exclusive, patented manufacturing process that can change the consistency and effectiveness of particles by infusing them with safety and performance-enhancing components. It gives your customer the highest level of quality normally found in far higher priced blends, yet the value and affordability they seek in lower priced products, reducing your costs and the need for multiple SKUs.

Our private label program benefits include:
• A superior ice melt manufactured with patented
Breakthrough Infusion Technology®
• SKU Reducer - one product that can replace your other commodity ice melting products and blends
• Custom bag design
• Quick turnaround time
• Simplified ordering process with excellent customer service and support
• Affordable price for any size orde

• No additional charge for seasonal warehousing

• Pick-up and delivery options
• Streamlined, fully-automated packaging in UV weather-resistant bags, designed to las
• Effort in marketing goes to YOUR brand


We also offer our own well-known wholesale and retail branded ice melt products for you to choose. Manufactured with our patented Breakthrough Infusion Technology®.

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